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The Phoenix and the Carpet by Edith Nesbit

The Phoenix and the Carpet by Edith Nesbit

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Category: Children Fiction

Rating: 4.2/5
Pages: 250
About Book:

Fireworks are fun but they can cause accidental fires. This is exactly what happens to Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and Lamb — they lose their old nursery carpet in one such fire. But is it a blessing in disguise? Well, let us see! A new carpet arrives; and it has a big, glowing egg wrapped inside it! And lo, the egg hatches into an awesome golden phoenix. Well, it is no longer a mystery that the carpet is magical and the phoenix can carry the children to any place in the world on it. They only need to make a wish! The Phoenix and the Carpet is the second book in fantastic Psammead trilogy. It was published in 1904 and has been a children’s favourite ever since. It has also been adapted for television many a time.

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