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The Art Of Rhetoric By Aristotle

The Art Of Rhetoric By Aristotle

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Category: Philosophy

Rating: 4.4/5
Pages: 151
About Book:

The Art of Rhetoric stands as a cornerstone in Western philosophy, articulating the principles of persuasive communication that have shaped discourse for over two millennia. Written in the 4th century BCE, it systematically examines the art of persuasion, dissecting the means by which individuals can influence and sway audiences. Aristotle s tripartite division of rhetorical appeals-ethos, pathos, and logos-profoundly influenced communication theory and public speaking. Probing the psychology of persuasion and the strategic use of language, his insights remain pertinent in diverse fields, from politics to advertising. This treatise, a testament to his enduring intellectual legacy, not only provides a foundational framework for effective communication but also exemplifies his keen observational acumen and analytical rigour.

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