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Prophet Shuaib A.S

Prophet Shuaib A.S

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Children will find these stories of the prophets far more fascinating than any adventure or fairy tale. They are not only true, but full of amazing and miraculous events. Adam’s (A.S) encounter with Iblis in paradise, Yunus’s  (A.S) brie sojourn in the fish’s belly, Isa’s (A.S) power to perform miracles, and Abrahah’s failed attempt to demolish the Kabah; to name a few.

The young reader will also be inspired to emulate the prophets’ moral attributes: Ibrahim’s complete submission and willingness to sacrifice his only son; Dawud’s (A.S) confidence and courage; Ayyub’s  (A.S) firm faith and infinite patience; Sulaiman’s (A.S) supreme wisdom; and the ultimate role model, Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him!

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