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Playing by the Rules (The Players, #2) by Monica Murphy

Playing by the Rules (The Players, #2) by Monica Murphy

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Category: Young adult fiction, Romance

Rating: 4.3/5
Pages: 452

About Book:

Camden Fields is the star quarterback of our college football team.



Absolutely gorgeous.

He’s the man all the women on campus rave about. And while he’s had a few casual hookups over the years, it’s never anything serious. Cam doesn’t do serious.

He also doesn’t do me.

See, I’m his best friend’s little sister, and whenever we’re around each other, he’s always warning me that I’m off limits. That nothing can ever happen between us.

But I see the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not watching. The heat in his gaze. The hunger. He can deny it, but that man wants me.

I want him too.

I’m tired of always being the good girl and doing what everybody expects. For once, I’m going to break all the rules that have restrained me my entire life.

I’m going after Camden Fields.

And no one can stop me.

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