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Manipulation by Arthur Horn

Manipulation by Arthur Horn

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Category: Psychology

Rating: 3.1/5
Pages: 108
About Book:

Manipulation: Dark Psychology to Manipulate and Control People
This book explores the theory of manipulation by breaking down
manipulation into its component parts, forming useful, objective
definitions and offering practical advice for manipulating others.
The first part of the book is primarily concerned with introducing
ideas and explaining them, in order to form a grounding for the
practical sections of the book later on. It is important to remember
that much of the information is general, because effective
manipulation requires actions which are situation specific. Rather
than telling you what to do, this book will give you the ability to form
effective manipulation strategies, whatever your goals and situation.
Examples are included to provide context to some of the general
advice in the book, illustrating how to apply the knowledge in a
practical sense.
In addition, the book covers areas relevant to forming and executing
effective manipulation strategies, including analysis, cold reading
and body language. The book does not define manipulation as
something inherently bad, despite its negative connotations. Ethical
issues surrounding manipulation are addressed in a dedicated
After reading the book, you can expect to have greater insight into
your own actions and the actions of others. You will have a strong
grounding in the mechanics of manipulation, allowing you to make
your own decisions about manipulating others, and recognize when
others are manipulating you.
Unlike many charlatans, who claim to have shortcuts to recognize
when people are lying, and make others bend to your every
command, this book is honest about its limitations and recommends
caution where it is sensible.

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