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Arabic Through The Qur'an by Alan Jones

Arabic Through The Qur'an by Alan Jones

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Category: Religion, Islam

Rating: 4.7/5
Pages: 341
About Book:

Professor Alan Jones is Emeritus Professor of Classical Arabic at the University of Oxford and has taught the subject for over forty years. His many years teaching experience has gone into Arabic through the Qur an which is a concise grammar in forty easy-to-follow lessons suited to all those wishing to learn Arabic whether on their own or as part of a university course. Aside from being the very latest Arabic grammar written by an academic, one of the special features of Arabic through the Qur an is its exclusive use in its vocabulary of Qur anic rather than modern Arabic. This is an asset in a number of ways. Firstly, the language of the Qur an has infiltrated the whole of Arabic and Islamic literature and it is not possible to really understand the extensive literary heritage of Islam without some knowledge of the terminology of the Qur an. Secondly, the majority of Muslims today do not speak Arabic, and yet Arabic is the language of their daily prayer. Arabic through the Qur an is ideally suited for those Muslims who wish to learn Arabic exclusively for use in their religious and spiritual lives. And thirdly, familiarity with the language of the Qur an is essential to all those who wish to pursue research in Islamic studies. Each of the forty lessons of Arabic through the Qur an explains in detail and with examples a different topic of grammar, this is followed by a vocabulary of new words, and then a translation exercise. There is also a key to the exercises, a general vocabulary, and a glossary of technical terms

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