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A Tale of Two Cities Novel by Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities Novel by Charles Dickens

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Category: Hiatorical Fiction

Rating: 4/5
Pages: 340
About Book:

First published in 1859, the novel is set around London and Paris during the French Revolution. It is a troubling time and it is hard to make a distinction between the guilty and the innocent. It is during this turbulence that Doctor Alexandre Manette is wrongly imprisoned in Bastille for eighteen years. When he is finally released and reunited with his daughter Lucie, they both travel to England. While they hope to reconnect the severed threads of their lives and rebuild a life together, their peace is threatened once more. The duo is summoned to Old Bailey to testify against a gentleman named Charles Darnay who is wrongly accused of treason. Will Doctor Manette and Lucie be able to save Darnay? Or will he be hanged? A Tale of Two Cities brings a story full of drama, romance and heroism that keeps its readers captivated till the end.

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